Report: Atlanta Falcons could make coaching change sooner than later


Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank expressed, after the Texans dropped nearly 600 yards and more than 50 points last week, that he was confident Dan Quinn could get things turned around.

Apparently, Arthur Blank is closer to making the call to change Atlanta Falcons coaching than previously thought. According to NFL reporter Ian Rappaport, Blank will re-evaluate where the Falcons stand during the bye-week.

When you consider who the Falcons play over the next three weeks, the question truly becomes, which assistant does Arthur Blank want to be promoted?

With the Cardinals on tap today, there is little doubt that the Falcons lose to a team led by a rookie head coach and quarterback. However, the Falcons still have to face the LA Rams and the Seattle Seahawks before they get to their week nine bye-week.

While the Rams have looked nothing like they did last year, the Seahawks are another story. Russell Wilson is the leading candidate for NFL MVP five weeks into the season. With the Falcons looking inept on defense, Russell Wilson could make Deshaun’s epic game last week look like child’s play.

Do not completely dismiss the Rams either. The Falcons have done a great job at making mediocre quarterbacks look like 10-time all-pro players this season. The Rams should have Todd Gurley back next week and the Falcons have not been able to stop the run and when healthy, Gurley is among the best.

There have been some good team bonding stories coming out of Phoenix this week with the Falcons, hopefully, that leads to this team playing better and they can build momentum heading into the bye-week.

Falcons still have a path to the playoffs. light. Related Story

We all know the talent is there for this team to get things turned around. If the players truly care about Dan Quinn and want to play for him, they have three weeks to prove that or it will we will welcome Matt Ryan’s third head coach and sixth offensive coordinator in 2020.