Second Look: Grading the Atlanta Falcons week 6 loss to the Cardinals

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Defensive Line – F

Once again, this should be no surprise, Grady Jarrett is the only player on the Atlanta Falcons defensive line that earns an “A”. For the third straight game, the Falcons did not generate one sack. Yes, you read that correctly.

Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley are simply not getting it done on the outside and none of the defensive tackles on the roster are bringing anything of substance. We can talk about how bad the secondary is, but they are being left out to dry by this unproductive defensive line.

Linebackers – F

People are not going to like this, but what the hell has happened to Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell? They went from being one of the best young duos in the NFL to being among the worst.

If they aren’t one and two in missed tackles in the NFL, they are both in the top three. Deion is still good in coverage but Campbell has somehow gotten worse. If Campbell would spend more time watching the film and less time telling fans to (bleep) off on twitter, he may actually be productive.

Sure, these two lead the team in tackles, but even bad football teams have people that tackle.

Secondary – F

This was going to be a tough week for the Atlanta Falcons secondary without Desmond Trufant and Blidi Wreh-Wilson, two of the older more experienced corners on this roster.

Kendall Sheffield got his first NFL start and actually played well. He graded out the highest among those in the secondary. If he can build off of yesterday, he will be a solid corner for this franchise for the next five years or so.

Isaiah Oliver continues to struggle, however, yesterday he looked less lost than he has in the previous five games. He was in better positions to make plays and just did not make them. If he is going to continue to be thrown on the field, at some point he has to make plays.

Safeties were terrible yesterday. Nothing left to say.