Stop with the trade Matt Ryan nonsense


The Atlanta Falcons are lucky to have someone like Matt Ryan. There is no doubt that he’s is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. He always puts up monster numbers and every other week, he’s breaking another NFL record.

There are some Falcons fans that want Matt Ryan gone either because they still blame him for the Super Bowl collapse, they say he’s “not clutch”  and those numbers he puts up every year are “empty calories”, and yes, there are a few that are still stuck on Michael Vick.

In a perfect world, this kind of thought would never come up, but the world isn’t perfect. Besides, there is one big reason why the Falcons can’t trade Matt Ryan.

Which team in the NFL would be willing to sell their future for five to six prime years of quarterback play? The Falcons front office would demand a boatload in order to even think about trading Matt Ryan. We aren’t talking about second and third-round picks here. We just saw the Rams make a trade for Jalen Ramsey and they had to give up two first-round picks to get him.

Even if there was a team desperate enough to make a trade for him, what’s to say that the draft picks that would be acquired by the Falcons would even pan out to be something special? The Falcons would also demand more than just draft picks, they would want some stud players too, especially on defense.

The quarterback position is the most coveted position in all of the sports and if you’re trying to get a great one, you’re going have to break the bank.

Many NFL teams are in a good place when it comes to the quarterback position. They either already have an established quarterback, drafted a young quarterback in recent years to develop, or they are waiting for the next two to three years to come along to draft a stud quarterback and there is quite a pool to choose from – Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence to start with.

To all the fans out there, we are stuck with Matt Ryan but don’t look at it as a negative. The team could have Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton or Joe Flacco behind center and if you thought things are terrible now, they could be a lot worse.

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The city of Atlanta is stuck with Matt Ryan for better or for worse and, to be honest, it’s not that bad. We could have a guy that hasn’t led this franchise to the most wins in a decade, hasn’t had the most playoff appearances and win in franchise history, the most winning seasons in franchise history, the most NFC Championship game appearances in franchise history or any of these other franchise or NFL records via Pro-Football-Reference:

  • Only Falcons quarterback to lead the team to an 8–0 start
  • Most wins in a regular season by a starting quarterback: 13
  • Fewest interceptions in a regular-season by starting quarterback — 7
  • Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season: 5
  • Completions: career 3,630
  • Pass Attempts: career 5,157
  • Passing TDs: career 244
  • Passer Rating: career 93.7
  • Pass Yds/Game: career 266
  • 300+ yard passing games: career 45
  • 4,000+ passing yard seasons: career 7
  • Most consecutive NFL games with 200 plus passing yards (64)
  • Fastest player to pass for 40,000 yards 151 games
  • Most passing yards in the first 10 years in NFL history 41,796
  • Most passing yards in first 11 years in NFL history 46,720