The Atlanta Falcons “Brotherhood” is officially dead


The Atlanta Falcons brotherhood is officially dead. Regardless of what Dan Quinn wants to say post-game or what players say later this week, the brotherhood is gone.

Earlier this week, Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher was on Atlanta radio and tried to dismiss the fact that brotherhood was dead. He tried to tell everyone listening to Atlanta’s most popular sports radio show, that the brotherhood was indeed alive and well.

Today proved otherwise.

The Falcons had two big opportunities today to show everyone that the brotherhood was still intact and the guys were still playing for each other and in both cases, it was obvious what the truth actually is.

Falcons running back Devonta Freeman got treated like a WWE prop as Aaron Donald went full Undertaker picking Freeman up by the neck. With Freeman knocking on death’s door and Donald having a couple teammates by his side, no one came to Freeman’s rescue until long after today’s referee had broken Free loose from deaths grip.

The other prime example that the brotherhood is dead came when Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was injured at the hands of Aaron Donald later in the game.

Donald beat center Alex Mack like he was disciplining his child for a bad grade and put a nasty hit on Matt Ryan. Matt ended up having to be helped off the field and was in a walking boot post-game. Not a single damn Falcons player came to pick Matt up.


If Arthur Blank needed proof that Dan Quinn has lost the locker room and the players are no longer fighting for each other, he got two examples of that today.

At 1-6, the Falcons season is done and Blank no longer needs to see if things will get better as they have gotten worse since he stated that he was going to wait until the bye-week to evaluate Dan Quinn.

Next. Falcons are the laughing stock of the NFL. dark

Let’s hope when he hands Dan Quinn his pink slip in two weeks, he gives one to Thomas Dimitroff as well.