Atlanta Falcons should tank for Chase Young not Tua Tagovailoa


The Atlanta Falcons dropped their fifth straight game of 2019 to fall to 1-6. Even under the worst imaginable possibilities, no one expected this type of freefall.

Amid the Atlanta Falcons fall from respectability, there is a notion now that the Falcons should “Tank for Tua”. There could not be a more ridiculous notion out there.

For one, the Falcons do not need to spend a first-round pick on a quarterback. The Falcons need to draft pass rushers, defensive tackles, offensive lineman and cornerbacks. Should they draft a quarterback in 2020, hell yes but not on the top five.

“Tanking for Tua” would be the worst possible pick that the Falcons could make. Yes, he attends Alabama and yes, he is a sexy name. However, watch his games against the better defenses in college football and you realize very quickly that he will be nothing more than a backup in the league for a few years before he completely washes out.

Yes, the Falcons should go all in at this point and lose as many games as possible to secure a top two or top-three pick and go with Chase Young out of Ohio State.

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons should trade pieces like Mohamed Sanu, Isaiah Oliver, De’Vondre Campbell, Takk McKinley and any other defensive player that they can accumulate draft picks for. Vic Beasley is the only one publicly on the trading market, he is also the least valuable member of the Falcons entire roster at this point.

The last two classes were loaded with pass rushers and defensive tackle talent, most of which are producing in the NFL this season. Instead, the Falcons went wide receiver and offensive lineman. The next general manager cannot afford to make that type of mistake if the Falcons are going to make a quick return to the list of Super Bowl contenders.

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That return starts in 2020 with tanking for Chase Young, not Tua Tagovailoa.