Von Miller would look great in Atlanta Falcons black & red


Another week another big letdown for the Atlanta Falcons. The Rams came to the Mercedes Benz dome and made it their own with a 37-10 win against the dirty birds.

The front office of the Atlanta Falcons has to do something to shake things up in Atlanta. Arthur Blank has stated there will be no coaching changes during the season. Matt Ryan will not be traded and a new game plan isn’t gonna pop up out of nowhere.

Everyone knows the struggles this team has had on defense for the year. Missed tackles, penalties and the inability to get to the quarterback have played a big part in the Falcons always having to try to come back and win.

A trade is imminent due to the fact Vic Beasley is on the trade block. For this team to restore some type of faith in the fan base, a big trade needs to be made, one that makes sense and shows they are trying to build quickly toward the future.

Denver is coming off a loss against the Chiefs and it looks as if this season is a wash for them. Von Miller is one of the best pass rushers of this era and he has made a living off of getting to the quarterback.

To get Miller to Atlanta, a package of Vic Beasley, Mohamed Sanu, and a second-round pick could get this trade done. Denver gets the option of resigning Beasley or letting him walk to get cap space. With Sanu, they would get a sure-handed receiver that can make life easy for a young developing quarterback (Flacco is done). With a second-round pick, the Broncos are still able to find some top tier talent.

With Miller on the Falcons defense, he instantly becomes the pass rusher this team has ever had talent-wise. Anybody rushing from the opposite side of Miller also benefits because you have to keep eyes on Miller at all times.

Miller hasn’t had the best year so far and a change of scenery could do him some good. A player on defense for the Falcons who can get 10 sacks in his sleep will do wonders for the secondary. No longer will they have to cover a guy for 10 seconds because the Falcons can’t generate a pass rush.

This trade sounds like it’s impossible and farfetched but it needs to be done. The Bears were able to trade for Khalil Mack and their defense is one of, if not the best in the league. The Patriots traded for Randy Moss and became one of the most dynamic offenses this league has ever seen and helped Tom Brady go from game manager to gunslinger.

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There is no reason why the Falcons shouldn’t make this trade, they have nothing else to lose besides an underperforming first-round pick, a draft pick. Yes, losing Sanu will hurt but this is something that just needs to be done.