Atlanta Falcons are scarier than any Halloween movie


We are nine days away from one of the best nights of the year – Halloween and the 2019 Atlanta Falcons are the ultimate scary movie.

The Atlanta Falcons have been as scary as any football team we have ever seen in Atlanta. In the last 20 seasons, the Atlanta Falcons have started 1-7 two other times; 2003 and 2007. This year has been scarier than any scary movie you can think of.

The difference between 2003, 2007 and 2019, is those two seasons there were legit reasons for the Falcons to be absolute trash. The 1-7 start to 2019 came out of nowhere and there is no logical reason for it.

The Falcons have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL and no one could have envisioned what has taken place.

When you look at the elements needed for a good scary movie, the Falcons have all three of the most important elements to make a good scary movie.


Once again, the Falcons have been hit with the injury bug losing both Keanu Neal and Chris Lindstrom. While neither lost any body parts, they were important members of the 2019 Falcons and the team is feeling their loss at the moment, like a person does when they lose a body part.

This season has gone so badly that we no longer recognize the team that is wearing a Falcons uniform on Sundays. If that is not the ultimate definition of disfigurement, not sure what is.

Scary Places

Every stadium the Falcons have played in, including their own, has been a house of horrors.  Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the Falcons go out and lose a game like they did to the Rams and just get absolutely embarrassed.

At 1-7 and among the worst teams in the NFL, might just be the scariest place of all. Being mentioned with terrible organizations with terrible owners like the Redskins and Dolphins is downright terrifying.


At this point, Falcons players and fans all know that Dan Quinn is getting fired, the question becomes when? We are all glued to our phones waiting for the alert from Adam Schefter that Arthur Blank has relieved both Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff of their duties.

Next. Matt Ryan should be shut down until he’s 100 percent. dark

Unfortunately, Falcons fans cannot simply wake up to end this scary movie and move on to a brighter day. We have to wait this thing out and hope that we all live to see another day and that there isn’t a sequel in the works.