Atlanta Falcons fans should not want their team to tank


It has been a complete disaster for the Atlanta Falcons in 2019, as they currently sit at 1-6 through the first seven weeks of the football season. Fans have every right to complain and show their disgust as the Falcons have under-performed in virtually every area this year.

It is tough to be an Atlanta Falcons fan, as it has been ever since their arrival in 1966. There have only been a handful of things that have truly given fans the right to be excited. Just three years after their Super Bowl appearance in 2016, and with a lot of the same All-Star cast (and even some added) being disappointed with the team just one game shy of the midway point of the season is an understatement.

Despite the fact that the team has disappointed profusely this year doesn’t mean that Falcons fans should want their team to tank. There are a few reasons tanking is absurd. No fan should want to see their team purposefully lose.

As the Falcons sit at 1-6, and most likely 1-7 after Seattle comes to town this Sunday, tanking at this point virtually serves no purpose. The Falcons are more than likely to end the season with a dismal record regardless.

Even still, technically the Falcons can go on an incredible run and win out, finishing the season 10-6 with possibly a playoff berth. Who knows? Anything can happen.

Even if the Atlanta Falcons can only muster up a few more wins in the season, they will still have a great draft pick. They might not have the first, but they should still end up high on the draft board. Thinking on draft picks, say that the Falcons do tank the rest of the season and finish the season 1-15 with the top draft pick.

Thomas Dimitroff has made it abundantly clear that he is not exactly the best at drafting what the Falcons actually need, and it is highly possible that he would waste the draft pick anyways.

The Atlanta Falcons have just one season with only a single win. That was their second year in the league in 1967, as they went 1-12-1. If the Falcons decide to tank and finish 1-15, this will confirm that this team is the worst in Falcons history, and no fan should want to see the likes of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Alex Mack, Austin Hooper, Matt Bryant, or Devonta Freeman be grouped together in that statistic.

There are just too many weapons here for this to be considered the worst Falcons team of all time.

But the main reason fans of the Falcons shouldn’t want their team to tank is simply winning. These are professional football players, and losing is not in their hearts. They come out each and every week to win. No player wants to come out expecting to lose.

When the Falcons finally get into their division games, no fan and no player will want them to tank. No true Falcon fan wants to watch their beloved birds lose to the Saints, especially purposefully. And if you don’t want to see them lose the division games, why would you want to see them lose the rest of their games?

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It’s been a rough year for all of us Falcons fans, but fans have to keep cheering them on. This team has too much potential, too much experience, and too much ability to just lay down and call it quits.