Atlanta Falcons still have something to play for…sorta

Even though this season is pretty much a wash, the Atlanta Falcons still have something to play for. – their jobs with an NFL team.

Many people expect the Atlanta Falcons to make a change at the head coaching position and possibly even the front office. With a new coach comes a new scheme and a different game plan and one of the first changes that new coaches make is roster changes.

There are a few players that are untouchable on this team and they start to look ahead to 2020.

Those guys are some of the best at their respective positions in the NFL. Everyone else needs to earn their keep and keep their heads on a swivel.

Guys like Devonta Freeman, who many had high hopes for isn’t playing up to his contract. Matt Ryan has more rushing touchdowns than Freeman and that’s not something to be proud of. Many fans are starting to wish that Tevin Coleman was in the backfield right with the season he is having with the 49ers.

Desmond Trufant who has a great season a few years ago seems as if he’s regressed. Trufant was supposed to be one of the stars on this defense and he has been anything but that.

The Falcons invested a lot in the offensive line this season and through eight games, whomever is lining up behind center still finds themselves running for their life. Jake Matthews, Kaleb McGary, and Chris Lindstrom might be the only ones safe from a complete overhaul of the o-line.

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Whoever the Falcons decide to bring in will weed out who to keep and who to let go so if any of these players wish to stay a Falcon beyond this year, they need to go out and put in work every Sunday or else they could be playing for a new team…..the unemployed one.

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