Three things the Atlanta Falcons must do during the second half

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Matt Ryan doesn’t miss football games. He has one of the longest consecutive games played streak in the NFL before he got injured during the matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Falcons are lucky the injury wasn’t serious and that something like this didn’t happen sooner but let’s hope that with this scenario finally taking place, they will be more serious about protecting him.

Yes, Matt Schaub played great against the Seahawks in a losing effort but this game could have ended up with a W for the Falcons heading into the bye week. Let’s remember, that the Seahawks pass rush is among the worst in the league and their passing defense ranks four spots lower than the Falcons.

Since Ryan is coming off of a lower-body injury, the Falcons have to do all they can to figure out a way to keep Matt Ryan from hitting the ground. Last year, Matt Ryan was sacked 42 times with is nothing to be proud of if you’re part of the offensive line that supposed to protect your quarterback.

Maybe they should shuffle some guys around on the line or find out which of their running backs is the best when it comes to pass protection or even keeping our beloved Austin Hooper back to help protect. This is a problem that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.