Falcons should follow Panthers and add key player to IR


Atlanta Falcons division foe, Carolina Panthers, placed Cam Newton on IR today ending his season and possibly his time in Carolina.

Panthers fans have always been the Atlanta Falcons little brother. From their inception, they tried to make the Falcons their main rival and even gave it a nifty little nickname – “I-85 rivalry”. Though in order something to be a rivalry, both teams have got to be competitive and the Falcons have always dominated the Panthers. Always.

However, the Atlanta Falcons should follow suit and put their star quarterback on injured reserve as well, ending Matt Ryan’s season. Not because the team is better without him, because they are not, but because this team has nothing to play for and there is no point in running Matt Ryan out behind a patchwork offensive line and having him run for his life.

The picture of Matt Ryan being clobbered by nearly every Rams defender is the image that plays over and over again. Having a high ankle sprain is something that can linger much longer than originally diagnosed and with no hope of a playoff, it is not worth running Matt Ryan out there.

Allow Matt Schaub to take the rest of the snaps as the Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback, so that he can ride off into the sunset having played his final year and allow Matt Ryan to heal up and be 100 percent for 2020 when a new regime is in place and has a better plan in place to turn this franchise into a winner.

With the beating that Matt Ryan has taken the last two-and-a-half will eventually take its toll on him like the one that Cam Newton has taken over the years in Carolina. If the Falcons aren’t careful their franchise quarterback will end up battered and broken like Cam and they will have wasted the entire hall of fame career of quarterback that gave them three score leads in two NFC championship games and a Super Bowl.

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With draft positioning at stake, take a note from the Panthers and put Matt Ryan on Injured Reserve so that we can rebuild quickly and not be a multi-year project.