Candidates to replace Thomas Dimitroff as Atlanta Falcons GM

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This seems to be a popular sentiment among fans all of the sudden due to the current success of John Lynch in San Francisco.

Who among the NFL TV analysts would you trust to run this franchise? While this is not the list I would interview from, I understand the intrigue from a fan’s perspective, these are the guys you see every week while watching your favorite pre and post-game network.

Louis Riddick

Riddick is the lone analyst I would actually interview. Why? Besides being a former player, he actually has NFL front office experience and it happens to be under a General Manager that we have on our list, Howie Roseman.

He also happens to be a former Falcons player and may have a little understanding in regards to the fan base.

Jay Glazer

One of the best in the business and has learned a lot of trust over the years in the NFL business. Player’s genuinely like and trust him. Nothing matters more in free agency than a player trusting the situation he is thinking about going into.

He understands the game and knows enough of the right people that he could build a pretty good staff around him.

Tony Dungy

Tony has built winners in both Tampa and Indianapolis. His football knowledge and understanding is second to none and would do an amazing job putting the right people in place around the franchise to build a winner quickly.

Eddie George

Blast from the past with this name. Not only has Eddie played at an elite level and been one of the best college and professional running backs of all time, but he also has the education. Many do not realize that after Eddie retired from football he went back to school and earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

Eddie has kept a low-profile over the years but this could be an intriguing hire.