Candidates to replace Thomas Dimitroff as Atlanta Falcons GM

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This part of the list is the young up and coming front office personnel in the NFL. This is where the Falcons should start their interviewing process and give heavy consideration hiring from.

The young guys on this list are going to be very good NFL general managers at some point in the very near future. All of them have been in the NFL for some time and understand the way the game is changing from analytics and offensive standpoint. Both of those are critical in order to build a championship defense.

Ed Dodds – Colts

Dodds started his NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks under the tutelage of John Schneider and ran their college scouting area. Dodds joined the Colts as the assistant general manager in 2017 and has had to help work wonders this year as Andrew Luck abruptly retired just before the season started.

He is still in his mid-30 and can bring the young energy and passion that this franchise is missing from their general manager. Sure, he may not bike to work in the summer, but he would be an instant upgrade in nearly every area the general manager is supposed to handle.

Scott Fitterer – Seahawks

Yes, another Seattle guy. No this is not on purpose or trying to copy what they have there. However, John Schneider has done a really great job of developing and training his staff and like a great coaching tree, he is putting out great front office personnel.

Fitterer has interviewed for several general manager openings over the last couple of seasons and seems like he is waiting for the right opportunity. Atlanta Falcons would be a great fit for him and him for Atlanta.

Mike Borgonzi – Chiefs

Mike Borgonzi has spent all 11 years of his NFL career with the Kansas City Chiefs. He started out as their College Scouting Administrator and has worked his way up the front office ladder getting promoted every two years.

He has been the Chiefs Director of football operations since the start of 2018 and is ready to take the next step in his career. The Chiefs have hit several home runs in the draft over the last couple of years on both sides of the ball and the Falcons could use more of that type of talent evaluation.