Defense should be sole focus of 2020 Atlanta Falcons draft


The Atlanta Falcons are slated to get a high draft pick in the next year’s NFL draft. Everyone under the sun knows what the Falcons need to do with not only their first-round draft pick but for the majority of the draft.

The biggest fear that some fans might have is that the Atlanta Falcons won’t draft what they need right out the gate. Last year, the Falcons used both of their first-round drafts picks on an offensive lineman.

Yes, the offensive line was a weak point, but there would have been other solid offensive lineman available later on in the draft.

They could have addressed some issues on the defensive side of the ball and they chose not to. Here is what the Falcons don’t need to do with their early-round picks.

Even though there are people chomping at the bit for the Falcons to rid themselves of Matt Ryan, it would be absurd for them to target a quarterback early on in the draft.

Many people were high on Kurt Benkert and for good reason, he looked solid before he got injured. This is not a desperation attempt to replace an aging decline quarterback. Say what you want but Matt Ryan is still one of the best quarterbacks in this league even without a running game or competent line to play behind.

Everyone loves a playmaker and the Falcons might have become somewhat spoiled with having three great receivers in Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and the recently departed Mohamed Sanu.

Whoever comes in to be the head coach or possibly the GM, they have to fight the need to draft a receiver early in the draft. There are a lot of guys in this draft that are capable of being playmakers that will be available later on.

If we’re being honest, the Falcons shouldn’t draft a wide receiver altogether in the draft.

The offensive line is still in shambles even after the offseason and the draft. You already spent two first-round picks on offensive lineman so there’s no need to do the same in this draft. Good offensive lineman are always available during the draft and there’s no need to spend an early-round draft pick at that position as well.

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No one would be surprised if the Falcons spent the majority of their draft picks addressing the defensive side of the ball. They should avoid the temptation to draft anything other than for defense in 2020.