Lots of positives for Atlanta Falcons in win against the Saints

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The Atlanta Falcons started off the second half of their season against one of the best teams in the NFL and division rival New Orleans Saints.

What the Atlanta Falcons did against this talented juggernaut of a team is something no one expected. This was by far the biggest upset of the NFL football season and is among the biggest regular-season wins the Atlanta Falcons have ever had.

Sure, no playoffs or anything important on the line, but when you think of where this franchise is at mentally and emotionally as well as all they have had to listen to about who they are, to walk into the Superdome and beat the Saints the way that they did, was astonishing.

Coming off the bye week, no one expected the game to go the way it did for either team. The Falcons came into this game looking like the 7-1 team fighting for playoff positioning and not the team on the cusp of a high NFL draft pick.

During the bye week, Quinn did make some changes to his coaching staff mainly moving wide receivers coach Raheem Morris to the defensive side of the ball to coach the secondary and made linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich the defensive coordinator and play-caller for the defense.

With these changes being made it relieved Quinn of a lot of responsibility and now he can direct his attention to being a head coach and not having to manage the team as well as the defense.