Atlanta Falcons fell in NFL’s trap by hosting Colin Kaepernick workout


The Atlanta Falcons fell into the league’s PR stunt with Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback deserves a chance to play in the league, there’s no doubt about that. And he was gifted a workout chance by the NFL.

The Colin Kaepernick workout is happening at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility in Flowery Branch Saturday and there’s one word to respond to that decision- “Why?”

Why Atlanta? Why Flowery Branch? Make it make sense.

The Falcons have a road game this weekend meaning they will probably vacate their facility but other than that, this location makes no sense. Sure, Atlanta has the world’s busiest airport. But you don’t think the billionaire owners of these teams can’t get their team planes and private jets anywhere in the US?

Why not have it in New York where the league offices are? Or heck, host it in the state that Kaepernick has been training and conditioning in. And everybody loves L.A. It’s sunny, it’s warm, you’ve got plenty of college fields and a bustling metropolis but instead you choose a facility more than an hour away from Atlanta proper.

And the Falcons brass isn’t smart enough to avoid it. It’s been reported they’ll have a rep there (if the workout actually happens). Another question: “For what?” The Falcons aren’t signing Kaep, they have no need for him. If they were going to hop on the redemption train for former black quarterbacks, they would’ve brought back the legend himself Michael Vick.

Colin Kaepernick. needs no redemption, as he did nothing wrong,  and deserves a job, but it isn’t going to come in Atlanta.

It’s no secret their backup quarterback position is in dire need of an upgrade, but draft a rookie who can learn, not someone about the same age as your starter. Or older for that reason. Looking at you Schaub.

Perhaps the NFL sees itself as preying on the Civil Rights legacy of the city. The Falcons were one of the teams to “make a stand” after the president voiced his opposition to anthem protests.

There were plenty of community efforts, especially with public art, in the buildup to the Super Bowl.

But why are the Falcons helping prop up a stunt with no real chance of making a difference? They have to have a team representative at a workout in their facility. The optics make it impossible for them not to.

And they can blame commissioner Roger Goodell and his men for putting them in this position.  Atlanta has become the base camp for the circus and that charade that is known as Kaep vs NFL as if we do not have enough issues already.

Blowing a 25 point Super Bowl lead, losing in heartbreaking fashion the next year, more than likely will have 10 wins between the last two seasons and now this circus comes to town because Arthur Blank could not tell the NFL no.

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The Falcons need to be sending scouts on Saturday to find a legitimate pass rusher, a cornerback to replace Desmond Trufant, and a center cause Alex Mack’s run as elite is coming to an end.

Instead, they’ll be blindly watching Colin Kaepernick. throw just to say they did.