Theoretically, the Atlanta Falcons are still alive for the playoffs


The Atlanta Falcons are coming off an incredible win against the Saints shocking everyone. They dismantled the Saints in their own building 26-9. The win was much needed as the Falcons were on a six-game losing streak going into Sunday’s game.

The Atlanta Falcons currently sit at a 2-7 record and the playoffs are not as far out of reach as some fans might think. According to math, the Falcons are still alive for the NFC crown. The Saints lead the division at 7-2 and they would need to reach 10-6 for the Falcons to be eliminated.

The Saints would have to have a historic collapse for the Falcons to make the playoffs. Looking at the schedule, the historic collapse is a possibility. The Saints remaining games are at the Buccaneers, home against the Panthers, at the Falcons, home against the Colts, at the Titans, and at the Panthers.

The Saints could realistically go on a four-game losing streak. They will be without Marshon Lattimore against the Buccaneers. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin could have monster games putting the Saints at 7-3. Last season Kyle Allen shredded the Saints and the had starters in the game when he played against them.

The Saints would then have a 7-4 record going into Atlanta. The Atlanta Falcons just blew out the Saints so beating them again at home is not outside the realm of possibilities. If the Falcons beat the Saints, Atlanta would hold the tiebreaker as they beat them twice in the same season.

The 49ers are a good team who have an even better pass rush than the Falcons. This is another game the Saints can drop putting their record at 7-6 on the year. For the final three games of the season, one team needs to beat them between the Colts, Titans, or Panthers to have their record at best finish 9-7.

We have seen nine-win or fewer teams make the playoffs before as the division leader. The 7-9 Seahawks won their division during the 2010 season. The Falcons remaining games are at the Panthers, home against the Buccaneers, home against the Saints, home against the Panthers, at the 49ers, home against the Jaguars, and at the Buccaneers.

Outside of the 49ers, every single game is winnable for the Atlanta Falcons. They could have another wild upset in them and could finish the year 9-7. Even if they drop that game against the 49ers, they could win the division at 8-8 if they sweep the Saints and New Orleans has a historic collapse.

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This is all wishful thinking and is most likely not going to happen. The Falcons playoff hopes are still alive according to math and the schedule is in favor of them down the stretch. This situation would be a miracle but is not as unrealistic as it sounds.

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