Atlanta Falcons success hindered by Dan Quinn’s stubbornness

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(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

For the first time all year, the Atlanta Falcons have won back to back games. Both on the road, both against division opponents.

In fact, the Atlanta Falcons have given up a total of 12 points over those two contests. While pundits and talking heads try to figure out what switch the Falcons magically switched, it’s simple.

Dan Quinn gave up defensive play-calling abilities. And despite the two solid wins, he should be fired because of the turnaround.

At the offset of the season, Quinn repeatedly said calling plays wasn’t an ego thing, that, if it was best for the team, he would give it up. That his ego was never bigger than the team.

Well, he fed us a boatload of crap. Because after the first three games, it was clear Quinn as the play-caller wasn’t best for the team. They weren’t responding in the secondary, the defensive line wasn’t getting any sacks, and the team looked inadequate.

Atlanta Falcons
Sometimes it takes the owner saying they’ll think “really hard” before you realize your job is actually on the line. Well, over the bye week, Quinn made the choice to give defensive responsibilities to a former head coach, Raheem Morris and linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich. /

For the first time, the Falcons made good use of the talent in the building. Why put three former head coaches on your staff if you aren’t going to take advantage of their minds?

The recent inspired performances shouldn’t save Quinn’s job. He should be let go for being stubborn for eight weeks before realizing a change needed to be made. For taking a loss game after game to realize his scheme wasn’t working.

For taking all offseason and half the season to understand that his message wasn’t getting through to the team.

And Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff need to answer why they didn’t force a change sooner. Standing behind your coach and not firing him in the middle of the year is one thing, but not holding him accountable is another.

It’s great to see the Falcons win two division games. But the talent on this team hasn’t changed. In fact, they played without three of their opening day starters against the Panthers.

Next. Time for the Atlanta Falcons to get a meaner offensive line. dark

If only Quinn made a change sooner, you have to wonder what could’ve been for this team this season.