Quavo should stop talking about Matt Ryan


Matt Ryan has moved into 10th all-time on the career passing yards list. However, that is not enough for some in Atlanta to appreciate his greatness.

The Falcons have achieved greater heights under Matt Ryan than any other quarterback in franchise history and has thrown for more yards than all but nine quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, however, apparently, that is not good enough for Atlanta hip hop group Migos.

We get it, they are Atlanta right now, so they are the foremost authority. Maybe not they, specifically Quavo. For the second time in six weeks, Quavo wants Matt Ryan benched for a sub-par quarterback.

Quavo told TMZ that the Falcons should bench Matt Ryan and bring on Colin Kaepernick. Yes, you read that correctly. The Falcons should get rid of one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game to bring back a quarterback with worse statistics and winning percentage than Matt Ryan.

Shouldn’t fans want their teams to get better, not worse? I guess we should listen to a guy that was a high school quarterback for a team that went 1-9 with him as their starting quarterback. Better yet with lyrics like “She just popped the Perky just like pork and beans,” he should be the foremost voice on why Matt Ryan should be replaced?

No thanks.

Yes, every fan gets to have an opinion on their sports teams, which is part of the gig. However, the loudest voices should be the most informed and saying things like Matt Ryan should be fired is anything but informed.

Does Matt Ryan have his faults? Of course. Is he perfect? Not even close. But Matt Ryan’s worst year is still light years better than anything Kaepernick has ever put together. Give Matt Ryan the defenses that Kaepernick had during his first several years in San Francisco and he would have delivered multiple Super Bowls instead of two NFC Championship losses and a Super Bowl loss.

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Yes, everyone is upset that the Falcons are 3-7, but to blame the guy who has done his job for 11 years is ridiculous and nothing more than a way to make headlines and ride the coattails of a hot topic.