Atlanta Falcons have lost home field advantage under Dan Quinn


The Atlanta Falcons dropped another disappointing game on Sunday getting destroyed by the Buccaneers at home 35-22. The Falcons have been a disappointment at home this season as they are 1-4 on the year at home.

Since Dan Quinn became the Atlanta Falcons head coach, they have not been a good team at home. During the first five years of Mike Smith as head coach, the worst record the Falcons had at home was 6-2 in both 2009 and 2011 seasons.

The best Dan Quinn has done at home is 5-3 during the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

From 2008-2012 the Falcons were a great home team under Mike Smith winning 83 percent of their home games during those five seasons. Dan Quinn has been a disappointment at home with a 19-18 at home with three more games left this season against the Saints, Panthers, and Jaguars.

Overall, Mike Smith and the Falcons were 39-17 at home and that includes his last two seasons when the Falcons went 6-10 in the Georgia Dome.

The Atlanta Falcons need to re-establish home-field advantage if they want any hope of making the playoffs during the Matt Ryan era. The problem is the city of Atlanta has fair-weather fans as we have learned from all Atlanta sports teams if the team is losing the fans will not show up to games.

Arthur Blank has also all but eliminated the true diehard Falcons fans from attending games on a regular basis by instituting his Private Seat License nonsense.

When the Atlanta Falcons hired Dan Quinn as head coach, everyone knew he would have a higher ceiling than Mike Smith. Quinn did have a higher ceiling winning the NFC Championship during the 2016 season, but no one would have thought Dan Quinn’s floor would be lower than Mike Smith.

For the Falcons’ next head coach, they need someone who understands in-game situations. They need to avoid someone who kicks field goals to keep a two-score lead, a two-score lead.

You remember on Sunday when the score was 28-13 late in the fourth quarter and Quinn decided to kick a field goal instead of going for it. The Falcons were down two possessions and a field goal was useless in that situation.

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This is a common mistake with defensive-minded coaches. The Falcons need an offensive-minded coach that can get the most of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones before they retire. Falcons need to clean house with the coaching staff and the front office in the offseason.

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