Four moments Atlanta Falcons fans should be thankful for

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The Atlanta Falcons franchise had little to no success since me their inception to the league in 1967. Losing season after losing season took place and even when they did make the playoff those few times, it usually meant an early exit for the dirty bird.

In 1998, no one expected the Falcons to make it to the playoffs let alone have any success period.

1998 was the best season the Falcons ever had up to that point ranking fourth in the league in scoring and allowed the fewest points in the league.

Led by quarterback Chris Chandler and running back Jamal Anderson on offense and tackling machine Jessie Tuggle and pro bowl secondary players Ray Buchanan and Eugene Robinson, they ended up finishing first in the NFC West claiming the second seed behind the Minnesota Vikings.

They went on to face and defeat the 49ers setting up the NFC championship matchup against the Vikings.

It was a back and forth game and with the heroics of Chandler, the Falcons were able to send the game into overtime. The Falcons were able to stop the Vikings on their first possession during the overtime period and Chandler led the team down the field to set up the biggest moment in franchise history.

Morten Andersen was able to hit the field goal in overtime to not only win the game for the  Atlanta Falcons but send them to their first-ever Super Bowl that sent the city into a craze.

Everyone in the city felt like it was finally our time but came up short against the Broncos. Even though they couldn’t secure the win, Morten Anderson was able to give the city a taste of victory that Falcons fans have never felt and for that Falcons fans will forever be grateful.