Atlanta Falcons issues are apparent to everyone except those inside Flowery Branch

The problems seem obvious to everyone except Atlanta Falcons owner, general manager and coaching staff. Something has to change, but the question becomes “will it”?

The entire Atlanta Falcons organization seems to be in denial. Close loses, almost comebacks and a lot of stats give off the impression that this team is close to greatness and that could not be further from the truth.

This team is nowhere near Super Bowl ready. The further we get from 2016, the more it becomes painfully obvious that they simply caught fire in 2016 and were not a real Super Bowl team. Game after game, the Falcons are proving that.

This team is terrible on the lines of scrimmage. Terrible. Save Grady Jarrett, both lines can all go. General manager Thomas Dimitroff is the worst offensive line talent evaluator in the NFL. He clearly does not understand what it takes to play that position at a high level; not even a little bit.

For as good as Dan Quinn was at one point as a defensive coordinator, he is equally as bad as an offensive line talent evaluator himself and is partially to blame. The fact that he and Dimitroff still believe a guy like Wes Schweitzer belongs on an NFL roster is puzzling.

The problem is, Schweitzer isn’t even the worse of the lineman in this roster.

Atlanta Falcons brass is sending out two Hall of Fame players behind an offensive line built to lose in Canada not win in the National Football League.

Sure, you can blame Matt Ryan and call him every stupid name in the book, blame him for getting sacked 3.5 times per game and say that this team would be better than anyone else. However, regardless of who you line up behind center and task with running this team, the same thing will happen until Arthur Blank hires capable and intelligent football people to run his operations like he did with Atlanta United.

Watching Matt Ryan lead a practice squad offensive to damn near beat the New Orleans Saints, there is no way any intelligent person could have come away thinking he was the problem. Sure, he absolutely had a couple issues last night, but he was also 35/41 on passing plays when not sacked. Provide Matt with an average offensive line and an average defense and he wins a couple rings.

Until Arthur Blank becomes serious about winning, the state of this franchise will not change.