Atlanta Falcons are long overdue for a culture overhaul

The Atlanta Falcons added another one in the loss column on Thanksgiving day against the Saints.

While some fans might be ok with the Atlanta Falcons loss due to the fact it increases their chances of drafting Chase Young, there was a glaring issue all night that many people spotted.

After Matt Ryan was sacked, there were times where Quinn would clap his hands congratulating the effort his offense line put forth in those plays which were not a bad thing most days. When your quarterback was sacked nine times, that is a different story.

No one should be congratulating mediocrity.

The Falcons had their chances Thursday night, especially on offense where cornerback Eli Apple was called for numerous pass interference plays but they didn’t continue to go to that side knowing Apple wasn’t playing his best.

While Dan Quinn probably preached his usual “This falls on me” spill to the media, it seems as if mediocrity has been tolerated throughout the season and that kind of energy going through your franchise is not a good look.

Julio Jones made a passionate ocker room plea after the 37-10 loss this season to the Rams. What resulted from that was a three-game stretch in where they played the Seahawks to the wire and two wins against the Saints and Panthers in which the team made a 180, showing the league what they are capable of.

Two losses later, the Falcons are back at square one and any hope that the Falcons could finish with a respectable record are officially down the drain.

This franchise is in desperate need of a culture change and a coach that doesn’t settle for just any type of play. There are reasons why teams like the Saints, Patriots, and Steelers always find themselves mentioned among the league’s best. If it isn’t the coaching, the front office moves need to be made to fix this very toxic and energy-draining issue.

There is no reason why fans of this talented franchise should have this much doubt in the front office, coaching staff and players to get a win.