Atlanta Falcons need a new identity


The Atlanta Falcons identity is clearly lacking in many ways throughout the entire organization, both on and off the field.

The Atlanta Falcons identity, or lack thereof, is a distant memory. The on the field product this season has been beyond embarrassing. The coaching staff and front office don’t seem to know what they want the team to be anymore, with the lack of production and success this season.

The Falcons need to get back to and find their core identity if they want to be successful again. In order for any business to be profitable, this has to be accomplished.

Somebody, whether it be Arthur Blank or the new general manager and/or head coach next season needs to decide how this team will look and should look next season and into the future. They must decide as to what the new team and organization’s identity is and stay the course, without any moving parts.

If they want to have a physical defense, then draft and sign players who fit the mold. If they want to have a run-first, ground chuck mentality offense, then make it come to fruition and stick to it.

In the Dan Quinn era, his mantra has been ‘brotherhood’ from day one. This can only last so long and relate to the team’s success to a certain extent. The ‘fast and physical’ identity has also been stressed by Quinn over and over again from day one.  This rinse, wash, repeat method does not work for this team anymore.

The Atlanta Falcons continue to move away from establishing the run in order to set up the pass mentality. This is mainly due to the fact that they continue to fall behind early in games. The Falcons also do not have the personnel on the roster at the running back position to establish the run game. This has been lacking all season.

In the Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff era, there have been too many costly in-game mistakes and errors that have cost the Falcons wins. This ranges from play-calling to clock management to keeping your foot on the gas pedal and not finishing games.

The fast and physical defensive identity does not work with the personnel on the Falcons roster. It is important to have the side to side speed on defense. It is also important to have speed on the offensive line as well. You also must incorporate more ‘beef’ in the trenches on both sides of the ball, which is what the Falcons have failed to do for many years.

The time has come for a new front office and coaching staff to step in and incorporate a new philosophy, a new scheme on both sides of the ball and a new culture throughout the entire organization. Everybody must be on the same page from a philosophical standpoint, with no moving parts, nobody stepping on anybody’s toes and nobody getting in the way of each other.

Only Arthur Blank can implement and oversee such changes. He is obviously a very astute and successful businessman.

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Once the final pieces of the puzzle have been formally put in place and the structure and stability have been established throughout the entire organization, then and only then will a new identity be established which will hopefully lead to future on-field success.