Atlanta Falcons fans need to be patient with young offensive linemen


While it may look bad now, it is important for Atlanta Falcons fans to remember that there are a couple rookies who are still learning and adjusting within the NFL’s most important group.

Atlanta Falcons rookie Kaleb McGary has been a disappointment 12 games into the season with and Chris Lindstrom has only played in one game. When McGary was drafted with the 31st pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons knew that it was going to be a work in progress to get the most out of McGary. He came into the draft needing to improve in areas such as pass blocking.

Through 12 games, he has not shown much improvement.

According to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, McGary has given up the most sacks, 11, through 12 games.

This isn’t entirely on McGary though. He needs help with guys like Cam Jordan. Unfortunately, the Atlanta Falcons don’t have the personnel to help McGary.

The Atlanta Falcons need to add more pieces to the offensive line this off-season, preferably big-name players with plenty of experience who have a track record of success at their position. McGary, as well as Lindstrom, can learn from these types of players, which will help them greatly as they both continue on their respective paths to becoming elite pass and run blockers.

The games against elite pass rushers this season will allow for McGary to continue to grow and gain more confidence. It is important that the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff and fans remain patient with not only McGary but Lindstrom as well.

Lindstrom has only played in one game this season due to a broken foot that he suffered during the Atlanta Falcons’ match up with the Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately for Lindstrom, he’s accumulated barely any experience playing in the NFL because of his foot injury. We don’t know what he can do because we’ve barely even seen him.

Hopefully, injuries won’t consistently show up throughout his career, because the Atlanta Falcons are investing a lot in him. Now that he is off of the injured reserve, the Atlanta Falcons could start him with McGary the last four games of the season, which would allow him to gather some much-needed experience.

Big changes are more than likely coming within the organization. That means the next couple of seasons may play out in a similar fashion to what we have seen from the Atlanta Falcons this season. A rebuild could be on the horizon, so it is important to develop the young guys such as Lindstrom and McGary during this time into future pro bowlers who can help get this team back to a Super Bowl.

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It may not be right away, but Lindstrom and McGary could eventually become forces along the offensive line. We just need to have patience until that time comes.