Do’s and don’ts for the Atlanta Falcons first round pick

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The Atlanta Falcons need offensive line help there’s no other way to put it. Jake Matthews has been playing awful and the Falcons lead the league in quarterback hits allowed with 100 total so far with four games left and that’s totally unacceptable.

Trojan offensive tackle Austin Jackson would fill a need but it would be a reach to draft him if the Falcons were to stay out at number five or find themselves in the top three.

Andrew Thomas would fill that need to but teams have been waiting for Thomas to enter the draft for a few years so there’s no way he would fall into the lap of the Falcons.

Deion Jones is one of the best athletes at his position in the NFL. It would be nice to get him a running mate at the linebacker position. Kenneth Murray fits the bill.

Murray is good at pass coverage and puts up crazy tackling numbers but what else would he be able to fix? He would most definitely solve the tackling issue but would be able to get after the quarterback like this defense so desperately needs.

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Maybe having this type of year will be a blessing in disguise because this allows the Falcons to draft and elite prospect. It’s their job to make sure they don’t screw it away.