The top three moments of Roddy White’s career

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Richard Sherman and White did not like each other. Sherman would make comments about Roddy White. White would make comments about Sherman. The back and forth exchanges between the two made for great television off the field and even better television on the field.

All the talking made for an exciting match-up in the 2012 NFC Divisional Round Playoff game in Atlanta.

However, there was a lot of anxiety in the air leading into the game against the young Seattle Seahawks, due to the lack of success under Mike Smith in the post-season.

Fans were tired of losing and they were getting impatient with Smith. A game like this is where you lean on your top playmaker, which is exactly what the Falcons did.

White’s beautiful 47-yard touchdown reception against Sherman was the icing on the cake in an exhilarating and frightening playoff match-up.

The back-and-forth that ensued afterward between White and Sherman helped ignite the Falcons to a victory over the Seahawks in the best playoff game of the pre-Super Bowl 51 Matt Ryan era.

It was great to see White dominate Sherman and it was even better because of the importance of the game. White put on a show on a national stage, proving yet again that he was one of the best receivers in the league.