Reliving the Atlanta Falcons top moments of the decade

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The Atlanta Falcons season hasn’t necessarily been one for the books. It’s instead been filed with constant concerns and questions about the future of coaches, players, and staff.

But the past decade for the Atlanta Falcons has been a little more joyous. Considering Atlanta and all of its sports teams are constant producers of trollable moments, 2010 to 2019 wasn’t too bad.

And that’s what we’re going to focus on. For a few moments, let’s take a trip down memory lane and think of all the good things the Atlanta Falcons did for us fans.

Some moments are more specific, like Deion Jones’s game-winning interception against the Saints on Thursday night. But if we had to pick out just great plays, by the time you finish reading, it’d be a new decade.

So there is some leeway for the moments. They can include multiple games for the Atlanta Falcons or multiple plays. Also, these are just plays and games that ended up on the highlight reel.

Atlanta Falcons
Some of the moments are based on management decisions and events that changed the fate of the Atlanta Falcons future as a franchise. /

As this year winds down, and the Falcons continue their current late-season surge, whether for Dan Quinn or just for pride, sit back and remember where you were when these top moments of the Atlanta Falcons decade happened.

Spoiler alert: Matt Ryan’s first career pass, the 62-yard touchdown strike to Michael Jenkins, just missed the cut because that happened in 2008. But there was some consideration to throw it in as a bonus. And because choosing a ranking is hard, these are in no particular order. (Just chronological).

But feel free to rank them yourself and let Blogging Dirty know what your top moments were. Honorable mention: Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Though wins in it have been hard to come by, it is a beautiful structure.

Let’s get started.