Reliving the Atlanta Falcons top moments of the decade

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The 2015 season for the Atlanta Falcons was night and day. They started the season at 5-0, eventually improving to 6-2.

But they would go on to lose five straight and finish the back half of the season at 2-6. How Atlanta is that? Though, we are focusing on only positives.

During a six-game slide in the middle of the season, the Falcons took a massive L, on the road against the Panthers by a score of 38-0. The Panthers laid it on but there was a rematch waiting just two weeks later in Atlanta.

The Panthers rolled into the game at 14-0 and after the Atlanta thrashing, were staring down the path of a 16-0 season. But in the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend!

It was the catch of the season for the Atlanta Falcons. A 69-yard bomb, an absolute moss over Luke Kuechly, a strip-sack by Vic Beasley and the eventual 20-13 win. The lone blemish for Panthers that year.

But it didn’t stop in 2015. The next year, the Falcons decided to make more history versus the Panthers. It was in week four that Matt Ryan joined the 500-yard club. And he did it in the second-fewest attempts, with only 37.

The main man on the receiving end, none other than Julio Jones who entered the 300-yard receiving club.

A pair of teammates, putting up “five bills large” and 300 in the same game, the first duo to ever do so. Matt Ryan would throw for another 277 yards in the second matchup that year, which started his streak of owning Carolina.