Atlanta Falcons scouting report: Iowa’s A.J. Epenesa


Admittedly, the Atlanta Falcons will be looking for more help on the defensive side of the ball in the upcoming draft. Here some exciting, and rousing draft prospects that may or may not fall into the Falcons lap in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.

A.J. Epenesa out of Iowa would be a worthwhile piece to add to the Atlanta Falcons defensive line, due to his strength and power. Additionally, he will show his length on every down that he is in the game. We will look at this scouting report provided by Jordan Reid of The Draft Network.

"Looks the part and every bit of what his listed size indicates. Goofy-like, but well efficient movements, and he’s able to bottle that up with average athleticism despite marginal change of direction skills. Relentless nature that is one speed, pedal to the medal every snap. Constantly plays through the echo of the whistle no matter his positioning relative to the tackle point. Always full throttle and exemplifies a full head of steam."

As you can see he would be another high motor, excellent character guy added to the defensive line of the Atlanta Falcons. Additionally, his methodical movements can be honed into a precise, killer like hand placements, and such to be able to get to the opposing quarterback with systemically, efficient movement. Furthermore, his movements show that he can and does use his brain out on the field.

As such, his understanding of how to use his body does not only apply to pass-rushing, but also to the run game as stated down below from Jordan Reid. 

"As a run defender, he has a vicious grip and ability to lock out and extend. Executes a clever lock out and constantly shake repeatedly technique to always ensure that his hands stay active when ready to detach. Relies heavily on a double hand chop/swipe that’s been highly effective and a large contribution to his career sack totals."

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A.J. Epenesa can and will be a masterful chess piece added to the Atlanta Falcons defense for Raheem Morris to take advantage of for the now and the upcoming future. However, can we count on A.J. Epenesa to be there when the Falcons pick at 16?