Possible high-risk and high reward for the Atlanta Falcons


By now everyone has seen the news that the Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said that both Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff will both return for the 2020 season.

There are Atlanta Falcons fans that are upset about the decision and the choice to retain both of them and the implications of keeping them around are as widespread as can be. Given the statements made by Blank last summer, most assumed that at least Dimitroff would be replaced.

If the Falcons can somehow carry over the momentum of the second half of the season into next season and exceed expectations, Arthur Blank would look like a genius, Quinn would win over the city of Atlanta and Dimitroff would get credit for building a Super Bowl team.

However, if we see the same type of team that was playing the first half of the season, the franchise would be set back another year, Quinn would lose his job halfway into the season, Blank would look like an idiot and Dimitroff would look even worse than what he looks now.

The offseason will be the first ultimate test for the duo to see what they are going to do to fix this team that’s in shambles.

What are they going to do about the offensive line woes that plagued this team for the majority of the season?

What are they going to do about the defense?

Do the Falcons keep Vic Beasley, Desmond Trufant, and Devonta Freeman?

What’s going to be the approach in this year’s NFL draft?

And most importantly……

How are they going to win this city back after the debacle of the 2019 season?

If they are able to make some good decisions and draft the right people, that will take a little bit of heat off. If not, this redemption tour will not get off to the start this team and its fans want it to.

Bringing back both Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff is the ultimate high-risk high reward move for Arthur Blank at a time where he could have gone out and added bigger name pieces to a franchise that needs an injection of new blood.