Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons don’t care who is in the NFC title game

The NFC Championship game has the 2016 Atlanta Falcons written all over it. Despite what many are saying, this is not proof that Falcons owner Arthur Blank made wrong decisions.

After the Atlanta Falcons have had back-to-back losing seasons, it is really easy to point fingers at all the areas that the franchise has not addressed and the holes that still exist.

It is really easy to point to bad contracts like Devonta Freeman or Vic Beasley and wonder aloud why they were given those contracts. I think we can all agree, that picking up the fifth year on Beasley was much more head-scratching.

With Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur as the head coaches in the 2020 NFC Championship game, people are all of the sudden screaming that this is proof that Blank made wrong choices in his coaching decisions.

That is not the case at all.

Sure, there were murmurs after the Super Bowl collapse that Dan Quinn should be fired. Those are also the same people that think Lamar Jackson is better than Matt Ryan. No owner in any sport around the world would have fired a coach for getting to a title game and losing.

Fans seem to forget that Kyle Shanahan played a major part in the Super Bowl collapse. His refusal to run the ball during key moments in the fourth quarter was huge. Again, no owner or GM would have hired him to replace the head coach.

Yes, Dan Quinn should have promoted Matt LaFleur to the open offensive coordinator spot instead of bringing on Steve Sarkisian. Many of us said that then and believe that even more now. It made sense to want to keep the continuity of the offense. Hell, that is what the Patriots did all of Brady’s career and that is what the Packers did for most of Rogers career until they hired LaFleur.

Because the NFL front offices are tight-lipped about a lot of things coaching related, no one knows if LaFleur was even interested in the vacant position or if he had already made up his mind to head to California to take the Rams OC job with his close friend Sean McVay. All we know is he never interviewed with the Falcons and was introduced in LA the day after Sark was introduced in Atlanta.

With everything the Atlanta Falcons have to accomplish this offseason, Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff, and Dan Quinn aren’t losing any sleep over the head coaches in the NFC championship game and fans should not either.