New uniforms are nothing more than a marketing ploy by the Atlanta Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons announced this week that they will introduce their first new uniforms in almost two decades.

Great, the Atlanta Falcons will have new uniforms for the first time in 17 years. While this is good news to some fans, to others it doesn’t matter and honestly, it should not matter.

In the grand scheme of everything, new uniforms are nothing more than a marketing ploy to force fans to go out and buy new gear for the 2020 season. Of the top 50 areas, the Atlanta Falcons need to improve, the uniforms aren’t on there.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank knows after back to back losing seasons and making zero changes to the front office or coaching staff, he has to do something that will bring the fans back to Mercedes Benz Stadium.

With fans not paying their premium seat licenses at alarming rates and MBS being nearly empty on game days, changing the uniform is Blank’s hail Mary attempt to get fans to buy back in after three years of declining home attendance.

The question becomes – will it actually work?

The Atlanta Falcons uniform history isn’t all that great, to begin with. Sure, fans point to the 90’s uniforms and claim those were great. However, it could be argued that is was the players in that wore those uniforms – Deion Sanders, Michael Vick, Jessie Tuggle, Jamal Anderson and not the actual uniform.

Hopefully, Nike will be able to come up with something spectacular and truly encompassing what Atlanta is from both franchise and fan perspective.

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If the Atlanta Falcons are able to put a winning product on the field in addition to changing their uniforms, they may finally get back to having a true home-field advantage with fans that are excited to be in attendance like they had at the Georgia Dome.