Falcons have the worst front office of all the professional teams in Atlanta


The Atlanta Falcons aren’t the only professional team that calls Atlanta home but they seem to be the worst run organization in the city.

The Falcons have had numerous opportunities to make their claim as “the team in Atlanta” but have failed to do so. “Why?” This is the question for a lot of people and it’s simple…..the Falcons have the worst front office of all the professional teams in Atlanta.

The city of Atlanta is also the home of the Hawks, Braves and the United. Outside of the United, it’s been a while since a team brought a championship back to the city.

During the ’90s, the Braves brought home a World Series and was constantly in the hunt. The Hawks have a stretch when they were respectable in the ’90s and are not far removed from having the best record in the Eastern Conference and are now in rebuilding mode.

The Falcons have constantly taken the risk to try and improve the team but they almost never work out.

For example, the Falcons signed running back Steven Jackson in 2013 after the Rams essentially had run him into the ground. Instead of playing a young Devonta Freeman or possibly signing a running back like LeGarrette Blount (who was resigned for 1.74 by the Bucs), they spent $12 million on a guy who was past his prime.

Draft picks haven’t been friendly to the franchise neither.  Jamaal Anderson and Peria Jerry both come to mind, especially since the Falcons could have had the likes of Clay Matthews, Patrick Willis or Marshawn Lynch in the team.

Arthur Blank can shoulder some of the blame too but it seems as if he is capable of putting together a good front office just by seeing what the Atlanta United have been able to do since they joined the MLS in 2017.

Before anyone brings up the Hawks, yes they too haven’t enjoyed the best success as a franchise but the front office has done a great job bringing in young players and developing them to the point where they’re producing. The Falcons drafted Vic Beasley and while he had one great season, we’ve seen regression ever since.

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The people of Atlanta want the Falcons to be what the Braves were in the ’90s and what the United are now and they are capable of doing so but the front office has to get it together. Until then, the Falcons will be the cellar dwellers in the city.