Kyle Shanahan owes the Atlanta Falcons a formal apology


Kyle Shanahan owes the Atlanta Falcons, the city, the state, the fans and anyone else who has ties to the organization an apology for being the main reason this team still has no NFL Championships.

Kyle Shanahan recently spoke out about his role in the Atlanta Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51 during. He stated that the Atlanta Falcons would not have necessarily clinched the game if he had called run plays after Julio Jones‘s miraculous catch, but this statement couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The score was 28-20 and there were only four to five minutes left in the game. All Shanahan had to do was run the ball, waste the clock and let Matt Bryant attempt a possible game-clinching field goal.

Instead, the Atlanta Falcons have the most embarrassing collapse in sports history and it’s all thanks to him, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Matt Ryan had one of the greatest Super Bowl performances of all time. Grady Jarrett tied the Super Bowl record for most sacks with three and Robert Alford had the most exhilarating and exciting pick-six in Atlanta Falcons history. Sadly, nobody outside of Atlanta and the state of Georgia remembers any of this because of the blown lead.

People still want to blame Ryan for choking, but he wasn’t the one calling plays that day. The lack of respect he gets from Atlanta Falcons fans and the media is appalling. Ryan wouldn’t be disrespected and looked down on if the team wins that Super Bowl and Ryan gets his ring. We have Shanahan to blame for that.

The young defense played like champions, it’s just a shame that the play calling was atrocious, which forced them to be on the field much longer than any Atlanta Falcons fan would’ve liked in that second half.

The way Shanahan shrugs off the idea that running the ball would’ve won that game is baffling because it seems now that he gets it. Anyone who has watched the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs this season sees that running the ball with a big lead leaves little to no time for a comeback for the opposing offense.

Sounds like the Atlanta Falcons are moving on from Vic Beasley. dark. Next

He has clearly learned from his Super Bowl 51 mistakes, so why not just admit it? He lost Super Bowl 51 for the Atlanta Falcons by not running the ball and now has a great chance to win Super Bowl 54 because he learned from that mistake and now runs it 40 times a game.

Seriously, Shanahan, an apology would be nice.