Atlanta Falcons have a great history of unsung heroes

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Lawyer Milloy

When Lawyer Milloy played with the Bills and the Patriots, he was one of the best safeties in the league.

By the time he joined the Falcons, he was at the tail end of his prime but he was just as productive as any safety in the league.

Ironically, what he brought to the team is exactly what the team needs now, sure-fire tackling and a veteran presence on the backend of an inconsistent defense.

During his short stint with the Falcons, Milloy was good for at least 90 combined tackles and while he wasn’t the ball-hawking safety who creates turnovers but he was dependable as ever.

Rod Coleman

Before Grady Jarrett and Jonathon Babineaux owned the interior of the defensive line, the Falcons had Rod Coleman holding it down.

Coleman registered back to back seasons in which he posted double-digit sack numbers and was the anchor of a very good defense at the time.

During his career, players such as Richard Seymour, Kevin Williams, and Warren Sapp got all the love. It’s to a point now that even Falcons fans might not remember just how solid and consistent of a player that Coleman was.

Coleman was that classic lunch pail rye of player who showed up did his job and went home.