Falcons’ Dan Quinn was a big fan of Kobe Bryant


There aren’t many times when football and basketball collide from a professional standpoint and unfortunately for the Atlanta Falcons, they missed out on a tremendous opportunity.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is big on unity and brotherhood. He preaches about playing for something bigger than oneself and to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. He routinely pulls in guests for the Falcons listen to and to learn from.

According to ESPN.com’s Vaughn McClure, Dan Quinn was a big fan of the late Kobe Bryant and was trying to get him to Atlanta to speak to the team about his message. Sadly, the Atlanta Falcons will never get that opportunity to welcome one of the fiercest competitors to ever walk this planet to Flowery Branch.

As well know by now, Kobe Bryant, his second oldest daughter, and seven others lost their lives Sunday morning in a helicopter accident just north of Los Angeles and the message that Kobe gladly spoke with others about died with him.

Becoming a professional athlete in any sport is nearly impossible; the odds are stacked against you. But becoming one of the great athletes of an era is unfathomable.

Sunday was a wakeup call for many people. Many take life for granted and that tomorrow is a given and we know we aren’t even promised an hour from now, let alone another 24 hours. What can Dan Quinn and the Atlanta Falcons take from Kobe without the honor of listening to him in person?

Give your best on each play, leave everything you have on the field every single day. Championships are won when no one is looking and fans aren’t cheering. Demand that your teammates give you 100 percent while giving them everything you have and play with no regrets.

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Kobe did not make every shot and did not win every game but he gave the game and the fans everywhere all that he had. The Atlanta Falcons can do the same and win or lose, they can smile knowing they gave all that they had to one another like Kobe did.