Will Thomas Dimitroff make the right decisions for the Falcons in 2020?

The Atlanta Falcons biggest need remains defensive line and viable pass rushers. Will this be the draft that Thomas Dimitroff finally nails this aspect of the roster?

In the last five years, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has attempted to draft the best pass rushers in certain drafts and failed miserably. Unfortunately, Vic Beasley will go down as a bust and Takk McKinley is right behind him.

Other than Grady Jarrett, the only defensive tackle the team has taken in the first few rounds the last five years was Deadrin Senat, who for unknown reasons only saw 21 snaps during the 2019 season.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. These, of course, are the wise words of Benjamin Franklin and are very appropriate for the Atlanta Falcons and the roster makeup under Thomas Dimitroff.

In drafts loaded with defensive tackle and pass rusher talent, the Falcons drafted receivers and offensive lineman. In drafts loaded with an offensive lineman, the Falcons drafted pass rushers. The attempt has been there, but the execution has putrid. It almost seems like Dimitroff thinks he is pulling a fast one over on other teams and instead, it has blown up in his face.

As we wrote about last week, this is Dimitroff’s last chance at putting a playoff team on the field in Atlanta and the April draft is going to go a long way in determining whether he stays or is relieved of his duties as the Atlanta Falcons general manager.

Early indications are that he leaning toward taking another member of the secondary early in the draft. With all the issues in the trenches and the need for viable depth, this would seemingly be a giant mistake.

As we see from the 49ers, who are playing in another Super Bowl, when you draft high-level lineman on both sides of the ball you can go from cellar to champion very quickly. This concept seems lost on the man in charge of the Atlanta Falcons and it should not be.

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Hopefully, Dimitroff gets this right in 2020. The city needs the Falcons to be good again and if they do not do it soon, the careers of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will have been wasted.

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