Atlanta Falcons mock draft with a nice surprise in round two

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With the NFL draft just under three months away, it is time to start taking a look at what the Atlanta Falcons may do in order to get back to the playoffs in 2020.

The Atlanta Falcons have so many needs, that taking a shot at nailing down what they will do in April is tough. As we have all figured out by now, general manager Thomas Dimitroff zags to the left when it looks like he should have gone to the right.

As has been mentioned a few times, early indications are that Dimitroff wants to take a corner in the draft. Given the fact that this team has bigger needs that would be shocking to see him take a corner before their second pick in the second round.

To refresh your memory, the Atlanta Falcons have four picks in the first three rounds of the 2020 NFL draft – 16th overall, 47th, 55th, and 78th. At this point, I think that the Falcons will be able to grab four starters with these four picks, including what could be a draft-night steal if things fall into place for the Falcons.

As we all know, the Falcons need lineman on both sides of the ball, corners and linebacker depth. With this mock draft, they will a few of those areas with a nice surprise thrown in as well. Over the next few months, it would be wise for all Atlanta Falcons fans to temper their expectations for the April draft as we all know, it rarely goes the way we believe it will or should.