Atlanta Falcons have a history of luring division rivals


News broke recently that the Panthers and Greg Olsen have mutually agreed to part ways. With the status of Austin Hooper up in the air, the Atlanta Falcons taking a chance on Greg Olsen might not be a bad idea.

Atlanta Falcons fans are probably thinking why would Greg Olsen even want to come to a division rival? For starters, this wouldn’t be the first time Falcons would have poached a solid player from a rival team.

In 2002, the Falcons signed Warrick Dunn, who at the time played for another division rival, the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Falcons also signed famed kicker Morten Anderson who at the time previously played for the Saints.

Playing for the Falcons would also take a load off of the 34-year-old tight end. He wouldn’t have to “carry the load” on offense. For years he was the focal point in the passing game which meant all eyes on him.

Playing alongside Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley would make life easier on offense for the grizzled vet.

The biggest reason why this could a suitable replacement for the Falcons would be the asking price. Austin Hooper is gonna command big money and well Olsen has the right to do so as well, but his asking price shouldn’t be as high as Hooper’s.

The Falcons did the same with Tony Gonzales. They brought in the veteran to help a young offense and he almost helps guide them to the promised land.

Also bringing in a veteran like Olsen could provide time for the Falcons to develop a young tight end who would also be able to learn under one of the greats.

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There’s no question that Olsen would love to get a Super Bowl ring to his Hall of Fame resume and the Falcons POTENTIALLY could get there with his help. Let’s just hope Olsen doesn’t end up with the Cowboys or Patriots.