Not much Atlanta Falcons offseason buzz so far early on


The Atlanta Falcons offseason buzz has no feel and is clearly lacking. There is nothing palpable with not much excitement heading into free agency and the draft.

Is there any Atlanta Falcons fan this early offseason who can really say they have an exciting offseason ahead?

What the Atlanta Falcons do in free agency, if anything at all, is yet to be determined. They are strapped for cash and most likely, will not have much financial feasibility to make moves.

Truthfully, the most exciting thing fans have to look forward to is the unveiling of the long-overdue new uniforms.

There seems to be a sense of staleness in the air among fans when it comes to the 2020 season.

Inexplicably, the Falcons are bringing back Dan Quinn for next season. The remainder of the coaching staff will remain pretty much intact.

How can this possibly excite anybody? This franchise and team are in dire need of new leadership from the owner all the way down to the coaching staff.

Unless the Falcons are able to free up some dead weight and money, they most likely will only be able to sign a lower-tier free agent who won’t have much of an impact.

The 2020 draft might be a different story, as the Falcons have three picks in the first two rounds. There is a good possibility that they can have three new starters in the lineup come opening day.

Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn must hit on those first three picks in the draft. There is no sugarcoating it. Their jobs depend on it.

After 17 seasons, Arthur Blank finally decided to give the fans what they have wanted for years. New uniforms will be introduced in April.

Whether or not these will be to the fans liking, is yet to be determined.

With attendance in the Mercedes Benz Stadium dwindling on a weekly basis and fan support for management at an all-time low, Blank was forced to act out of desperation.

The introduction of new uniforms will take some of the focus and attention away from some of the horrible front office moves made the past two seasons, but only temporarily.

It is surreal far this franchise has fallen in the past three seasons since their Super Bowl appearance.

With a quiet free agency period looming soon, the same front office and coaching staff returning, there is not much to look forward to for the 2020 season.

Only time will tell if the Falcons nail a very important draft, and that won’t come until the season begins…at the least.

Next. Arthur Blank sounds like a broken record. dark

Hopefully, with the new uniform unveiling, there will be some sense of excitement for the upcoming season. It can’t be all doom and gloom, right?