Atlanta Falcons handled the Vic Beasley news poorly


In a day and age where teams use social media to “dump news” at all hours, the Atlanta Falcons announced that they were not going to offer Vic Beasley an opportunity to come back via Twitter.

The move by the Atlanta Falcons came across as cold and an attempt to embarrass Vic Beasley more than it did as a way to inform the fans on their plans. We wrote 10 days ago that this was the expected move, but the team could have handled it better.

Instead of a “Breaking News” tweet, they could have thanked Beasley for the five years he gave to the franchise and then apologized for bringing a talented player to a franchise with no clear direction and no real defensive development.

The franchise could have handled this better than they did. Prior to letting everyone know via Twitter, they could have notified their media partners and instead of a poor statement from Thomas Dimitroff that read

"“As we continue to craft our 2020 roster, we’d like to thank Vic for five years of effort on behalf of our organization.”"

All we know about their 2020 roster is the following:

  • No Vic Beasley
  • Cap hell
  • Overpaid underperforming running back
  • Overpaid underperforming corner
  • No offer for Austin Hooper

Anyone that faults Vic Beasley for his performance over his five years was not paying attention. During his tenure with the Falcons, the franchise changed his position repeatedly and changed defensive philosophies numerous times.

Most reasonable people would agree that he was never put in a position to succeed by the staff charged with his development. Yet, they all lived to see another year with the Atlanta Falcons and the players that executed their poor game plans are seen as the scapegoats.

Again, this was an expected move by the Atlanta Falcons and should not have taken anyone by surprise other than the way that they handled it.

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As far as Vic Beasley, he handled it with grace thanking the organization as well as the Falcons. There will be many fans rooting for Vic wherever he ends up while praying this doesn’t come back to bite the franchise in the future.