Vic Beasley’s best moments with the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons announced via twitter that they were moving on from former Top 10 pick Vic Beasley and would not be offering him any type of contract.

With this statement, the Atlanta Falcons have closed one of the most curious relationships between this franchise and a player we can remember. Just a year ago, the Falcons believed that Vic could be the guy that they drafted him to be and after a slow start to 2019, he ended the season with eight sacks and there was the belief that was good enough to bring him back.

This is a bitter-sweet separation of player and franchise. No, Beasley was not an all-time great, however, he was a Georgia born and raised kid who on draft night wore Atlanta Falcons colors hoping the franchise he grew up cheering for would call his name.

Beasley wanted to be great in Atlanta and he wanted to bring a championship to the Falcons organization. Unlike most players, he understood on a personal level how much a Lombardi Trophy would mean to the city and the Falcons fans.

One could argue that Vic Beasley not working out in Atlanta had more to do with coaching than his actual ability as a pass rusher. Let’s not forget that the year after leading the NFL in sacks, Dan Quinn decided it would be best to move him to an outside linebacker spot and drop him into coverage nearly as much as he was rushing the passer.

The coaching changeover and numerous changes to the defensive philosophy had more to do with Vic’s lack of production than his actual talent. There is no doubt another team is going to scoop him up and utilize his strengths and Atlanta Falcons fans will scratch their heads wondering why he wasn’t wearing Falcons black and red.

That said, let’s take a look at his top four moments in a Falcons uniform.