Vic Beasley’s best moments with the Atlanta Falcons

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This should come as no surprise that some of Vic Beasley’s greatest moments came during the 2016 NFL season. During his second campaign, he led the NFL in sacks with 15.5 as well as six forced fumbles.

For whatever reason, Beasley played much better on the road than he did at home. Of his top 10 sack performances, seven of them came on the road, including this one.

The Atlanta Falcons were in Denver playing the Broncos and Beasley went crazy. He recorded a career-high 3.5 sacks, seven tackles, and three QB hits. He also forced two fumbles on the afternoon. Of course, the Falcons would go on to win the game 23-16.

Vic played 78 regular-season games for Atlanta Falcons over five seasons. He would record a full sack in 28 of those games and the Falcons went 19-9 in those games. With as advances as analytics are in today’s NFL, not only did the Falcons have to know that Vic getting to the quarterback was a recipe to win but teams across the league do as well.

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We wish Beasley nothing but the best and let’s hope the Falcons parting ways do not come back to bite them in the butt.