Atlanta Falcons best all-time draft picks by round

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The Atlanta Falcons have had success when it comes to the NFL Draft. They’ve let some guys slip away like Brett Favre, but they’ve also been able to pick and retain a lot of talent throughout the years.

Drafting players has to be one of the most difficult tasks a front office has. They have to go off of game tape (if any was available at the time), their play against subpar talent and interviews. For every Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, there will be guys like Peria Jerry and Jamaal Anderson (the defensive end) that can set the team back a few years.

That’s the reason why sometimes you can get a late-round draft pick like Grady Jarrett (5th round) that ends up being better than and producing more than Jalen Collins who was drafted in the 2nd round of the same draft.

The draft has always been a big gamble and the Falcons have been fortunate to be a winner in every round at one point even in the drafts when the rounds went past seven.

Before we get into this round by round, let’s pay homage to the greatest Atlanta Falcons player of all time, Jessie Tuggle, who was not drafted. Instead, he was given an opportunity out of Valdosta State and made the most of it.

As we know Jessie Tuggle would retire as the all-time leader in tackles in NFL history, a record that will never be broken.