Atlanta Falcons scouting report – K’Lavon Chaisson


It seems as though the Atlanta Falcons will be looking for a replacement for Vic Beasley, which will be a major need going forward until they address it. Additionally, the Falcons are picking around the 16th pick this year which should be around the best spot to pick up a second pass rusher to Grady Jarrett, and Takk McKinley.

Accordingly, the Atlanta Falcons can move up in the draft to get the prospect that catches their eyes, as they did for Julio Jones in the 2011 NFL draft. As of right now, the Falcons and Dan Quinn have to swing for the fences or go home, or we may be looking at a whole new coaching staff during the 2021-22 season.

Obviously, we will need to shore up our defensive line with explosive playmakers and that will be able to take our defense to the next level. With that, this is where the LSU tigers 6’4″ K’Lavon Chaisson comes to into play. We will look at Kyle Crabbs scouting report on this elite prospect that may fall into the Falcons hands.

"First Step Explosiveness – Folks. This dude has rocket shoes, a jet pack or something else strapped on him. Explosiveness is top shelf and on reps where he’s pressing for the edge he’ll command length and clean feet to challenge him. He’s sudden in space, too. Upfield drive step out of his 2 or 3 pt. stance gains a ton of ground.Hand Technique/Length – His hand fits setting the edge against the run are excellent. Shows ability to lock out and get a firm stab on the numbers. He’s coming along nicely in his ability to play with finesse as well. There’s plenty of room to grow but the arrow points up for execution — got better here throughout the season."

As you can see from this write up his explosiveness is top tier when it comes to defensive players on the field. Additionally, his hand technique is superb and his length is exceptional for a defensive lineman. Coupled with, K’lavon’s Pass rush moves and Run defense he can knock some offensive lineman on their heads.

"Pass Rush Counters – Long arm, speed to power, double sweep and rip and dip are where he’s most effective off the edge. Needs to develop another counter pre-contact and would love to see some more versatility to work inside. He has successfully flashed inside spin and came on strong with it throughout 2019 season to icepick and seal OTs.Run Defending – His awareness is really strong and he pairs it with good gap discipline. Doesn’t give up the edge with leverage. Sense to filter through traffic and use his hands to work through bodies to find the football are strong. Good balance to play off of contact and challenge as a tackler. He’s super technical challenging pullers or turnout blocks."

Admittedly, his pass rush counters may need some work, but what prospect is perfect when leaving his university. However, his run defense is good and can get better when aware of what he is looking at. He already had good coaching from then defensive coordinator to head coach Dave Aranda.

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Moreover, with Dan Quinn and his staff, I believe wholeheartedly we will be able to scheme and get the most out of his first step, and hand technique. If the Atlanta Falcons are picking a defender this is the guy our fans should want when it is all said and done.