Julio Jones disrespect continues into the off season


Atlanta Falcons star receiver, Julio Jones, knows better than anyone being a quiet superstar leads to nothing but being unappreciated by everyone but your own fans.

Julio Jones is about to enter his 10th season in the NFL and has been the league’s best offensive weapon for the last five years. During that time, he has led the league in yards per game three times, receiving yards twice and catches once.

Julio Jones is what every receiver aspires to be and what every quarterback wants to throw to.

Like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones is a victim of a poor front office that has no clear direction and therefore fails to hire coaches to carry out that directive. Because Julio does not have the touchdowns numbers he should, his greatness is taken for granted.

Pro Football Focus is releasing its Top 101 players from 2019 and Julio checked in at number 25. There are not 24 players better in the game than Julio Jones, even after having his worst year since 2013. Despite having a down year, he was third in the NFL in yards per game and second in total receiving yards and he missed a game.

With the Atlanta Falcons struggling to a second consecutive 7-9 season under head coach Dan Quinn, many of the Atlanta Falcons players are going to be unappreciated by NFL fans across the board; including Grady Jarrett, Austin Hooper, Deion Jones, and Matt Ryan.

Sure Michael Thomas had a good year setting a new record for receptions in a year, however, no one wants to talk about the fact that he was Drew Brees only legitimate target at wide receiver. Julio Jones has been as dominant as he is surrounded by highly talented and capable receivers and tight ends.

All of that comes into play when talking about a player’s greatness. One that can still shine brighter than the rest while among the bright lights versus those that look bright because they are surrounded by darkness.

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There is no chance that Julio was just the 25th best player in the National Football League in 2019 and there is zero chance there will be more than five better than him in 2020.