Atlanta Falcons: Good or bad, 2020 is on Arthur Blank


Going into 2020, Atlanta Falcons faithful have to stop blaming general manager and head coach Dan Quinn for everything wrong with the team.

After the Atlanta Falcons had back to back seasons of 7-9 football and failed to make the playoffs for the third time in five years under the direction of Dan Quinn, Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided to bring everyone back despite the commentary from him last offseason.

Regardless of what happens moving forward, Arthur Blank is the sole reason.

As a business person, Arthur Blank is one of the best stories this country has to offer. Created a multibillion-dollar empire after realizing there was a market need for something basic and has helped many in need along the way. However, you do not become successful in the cut-throat world of retail business by making bad decisions.

Arthur Blank made a terrible business decision and the 2020 season is going to be the result of that decision.

If things go well and the Atlanta Falcons get back to the postseason, he looks like a genius. If the season goes the way that they last two have gone, he has egg on his face and owes the fans of this franchise a huge apology for gambling with their loyalty.

Regardless of what happens in 2020, Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn are no longer on the hook for it. We know who they are. Dimitroff has been here for more than a decade making the same mistakes every single year. He has proven time and time again he has no idea how to evaluate actual talent in the trenches.

Blank loves Dan Quinn because the players do and that is fine and all, but players get paid to win. Coaches get paid to put players in position to win and none of that has happened here in Atlanta consistently under Dan Quinn.

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If we are being truthful, there is no difference between three of the four head coaches that have been employed under the watchful eye of Arthur Blank. So as much as we want to keep blaming Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn, good or bad, 2020 is all on Arthur Blank and no one else.