Arthur Blank cares more about hosting a Super Bowl than winning one


Arthur Blank is considered to be among the best owners in the National Football League. Historically the Atlanta Falcons have not been a good franchise. The franchise is ranked 30th out of 32 NFL teams in all-time winning percentage. I

Even under Arthur Blank’s leadership, the franchise continues to make terrible personnel decisions in both free agency and in the NFL draft.

The real question that needs to be asked is does Arthur Blank care more about hosting a Super Bowl than winning one? The team decisions have put the Falcons in a whole the last couple of seasons and every business decision has been centered around winning a Super Bowl bid.

Rewind to the decision of building Mercedes Benz Stadium and leaving the Georgia Dome. One of the main reasons Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided to build a new stadium was to host the Super Bowl. Prior to the last Super Bowl in the Georgia Dome, the Falcons lost every bid to host one.

The NFL gave teams incentives to build new stadiums that if a team decide to build a new stadium, they would be awarded to host a Super Bowl. In the bidding process, an NFL team competing for a Super Bowl bid also received bonus points if they gave up home games in order to play an international game in London or Mexico City.

During the 2014 season, the Atlanta Falcons gave up a home game to play the Detroit Lions in London. Earlier in the year, a report came out that the Atlanta Falcons would give up a home game to play in an international game in London or Mexico City. During the media days leading up to the Super Bowl in Miami, Arthur Blank leaked that the Atlanta Falcons would play the Denver Broncos in London.

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With all these moves in order to host the Super Bowl, he is putting the Atlanta Falcons at a disadvantage by playing one less home game. The Falcons have a new stadium, can host Super Bowls, and will soon receive new jerseys. How many cards does he have left to play to distract fans from what is happening on the field?