Atlanta Falcons: Third mock draft of the 2020 offseason


Time for another Atlanta Falcons mock draft as NFL combine week is upon us. In case you have forgotten, the Falcons will have four initial picks in the first three rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.

On our last Atlanta Falcons mock draft, he had them taking A.J. Epenesa out of Iowa with their first pick in the first round and that is still the case. While there will be some movement and more than likely some shocking picks in the Top 10, the Atlanta Falcons are going to love what they see from Epenesa at the combine, which will verify his game film at Iowa.

On our last mock draft, we also had the Atlanta Falcons taking J.K. Dobbins out of Ohio State with their first pick of the second round. That is still the case here as well. Right now, Dobbins is trending to still be on the board despite being one of the more complete back on the board in 2020. He is everything you want in a running back in 2020 and with the Falcons more than likely parting ways with the overpaid and underperforming Devonta Freeman, Dobbins will fill an instant need.

That said, there are two picks that have changed since our last mock draft and that includes the Atlanta Falcons bringing home a hometown kid with their second pick in the second round.

Round 1 Pick #16 – A.J. Epenesa – Edge Rusher – Iowa

We have been telling you all to pay attention to A.J. Epenesa going back to our college football bowl game preview. Unless the Atlanta Falcons move up into the Top 5 to take Chase Young or Isaiah Simmons, going into the combine, this will be the Falcons pick.

Draft Profile:

"Features exceptional length and overwhelming power. Hands are heavy and he does well to place and time his moves. Can be devastating bull rushing off the edge, getting on the same level of the passer, shucking the block and finishing. Pass rush counters developed nicely in 2019, showcasing a variety of hand swipes. His push-pull is deadly. Exceptional ability to convert speed to power and he often plays right through blockers.Generally does well to play with extension and his length enables him to consistently finish outside his frame. Will put considerable stress on his opponents anchor to maintain the pocket width. Draws opponents out their sets with his power. Isn’t easily moved off his spot when setting the edge and he can make gaps disappear with his ability to squeeze down. Found impressive production across his last two seasons at Iowa. Has inside/outside rush versatility."

Round 2 Pick #47 – J.K. Dobbins – Running back – Ohio State

Even though Arthur Blank “loves” Devonta Freeman, his lack of production matched with his ridiculous contract will make Freeman an offseason casualty when the league year starts. Yes, the Falcons have several running backs, but none of them are J.K. Dobbins and you cannot let him slide past you at this pick.

Draft Profile:

"J.K. Dobbins is a future feature back. Dobbins’ vision will allow him to thrive in a gap heavy rushing system, he’s masterful in his press of the LOS and short area agility to cut and work to daylight based on defensive flow. Dobbins brings three down value as a feature back and his natural hands make him a threat for a top RB role in the years to come. Dobbins consistently wins his footraces to the end zone and teams needing life on the ground shouldn’t hesitate to prioritize him."

Round 2 Pick #55 – A.J. Terrell – Cornerback – Clemson

Terrell was the ACC’s best shutdown corner in 2019. Many will remember his performance against LSU and think that he got exposed when in fact, it took perfect throws and routes to beat his near-perfect coverage during that game. The former Metro Atlanta high school football star (Westlake) could be the answer the Falcons are looking for a corner as he will be an immediate starter in the NFL.

Draft Profile:

"Terrific athlete with excellent pattern-matching skills, quick feet, clean transitions and fluid hips. Love how tight he plays in coverage, allowing little cushion and staying connected defending quick game. Finds consistent success in press coverage with excellent balance, patience, hand usage and willingness to crowd receivers in the contact window. Outstanding in click and close situations, driving forward on the football and being disruptive.Does well to play through the hands of the receiver to challenge at the catch point. Has the ideal size for the position and he transitions well for a taller corner. Effective leveraging outside releases, layering coverage and squeezing routes. Good eye discipline, showcasing the ability to read the backfield while remaining in phase. Long and rangy."

Round 3 Pick #78 – Rashard Lawrence – Defensive Tackle – LSU

At 310 pounds, Lawrence has the size that NFL teams are looking for inside. Pairing him with a stud like Grady Jarrett could mean great things for the Atlanta Falcons up front defensively in 2020.

He did a great job in college of resetting the line of scrimmage and has violent hands for a defensive lineman, both are traits that NFL teams want to see out of their defensive linemen.

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Draft Profile:

"Rashard Lawrence projects as a starting interior defensive lineman at the NFL level. Lawrence has likable anchor ability, some pleasant reps in 2-gap situations and a low center of gravity to hold the point of attack. He’s not overly dynamic as a pass rusher and struggles to gain ground with consistency into gaps, his lack of explosive speed will restrict him here to some degree. But as an early down run defender, Lawrence will bring stout play and should be considered an asset."